Babar Azam has the ability to overtake Virat Kohli: Rameez Raja

By | April 13, 2020
Babar Azam has the ability to overtake Virat Kohli: Rameez Raja

Babar Azam has the ability to overtake Virat Kohli: Rameez Raja


  • Rameez Raja said that Azam will have to play freely
  • Rameez feels that this Pakistani batsman has the ability to overtake Kohli
  • Azam’s record is good but currently he is far behind in terms of data.

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Former Pakistan cricket team captain Rameez Raja has praised young batsman Babar Azam. He has said that if Babur plays with an open heart, he can leave behind the big batting records of Virat Kohli. Babar is currently the fifth-ranked Test batsman in the ICC rankings for batsmen, while he is at number one in T20 International.

Cricket Pakistan quoted Raja as saying, “He (Babar Azam) has the ability to leave Virat Kohli behind but he will have to play his mind free.” They will not have to think about defeat. If he is able to do this and play only by thinking about scoring runs and winning, then he can become a great player for a long time.

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Rameez said, ‘Looking at the talent of Babar Azam, it can be said that he can achieve anything. But he will not be able to play to his potential until he gets an encouraging atmosphere.

International record of Babar Azam

The matchShiftRunAveragethe best10050
ODI7472335954.17125 *1115
T20 I3838147150.7297 *013

Meanwhile, Babur had rejected comparing himself to Virat Kohli. The 25-year-old batsman certainly said that Kohli would like to repeat what he has achieved for India.

Virat Kohli’s international record

The matchShiftRunAveragethe best10050
Test86145724053.62254 *2722
T20 I8276279450.8094 *024

Azam had said, ‘Look at Kohli, how much he has just achieved. He has become a great player for his country. To be honest, there is no comparison between him and me, but in the end I too would like to reach where he is today.

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