Corona virus: golf tournament livelihood crisis in front of caddies due to cancellation

By | April 11, 2020
Corona virus: livelihood crisis in front of caddies due to cancellation of golf tournament
Corona virus: livelihood crisis in front of caddies due to cancellation of golf tournament

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The cancellation of the Professional Golf Tour of India (PGTI) tournament and the closure of the golf course due to the nationwide lockdown caused by the corona virus has created a livelihood crisis in front of hundreds of working caddies. Kovid – Since 19, worldwide sports tournaments have either been canceled or postponed, including golf.

There are around 2500 to 3000 caddies in the Delhi National Capital Region, mostly migrants. Many are regular caddy and many work part time.

Two-time Asian Tour winner golfer Rashid Khan believes that if conditions do not improve, the maximum number of yards will fall on the caddies. He said, “This lockdown has a bad effect on the caddies. They earn daily and now their earning has stopped. They have to raise a family, pay rent and it will be very difficult for them if the situation does not improve. ‘

Rashid, Akshay Sharma of Chandigarh and Mantu, caddy of 2015 Junior World Golf Champion Shubham Jaglan, said 95 per cent of the caddies would be affected if conditions were not normal. He said, ‘In our country only five percent of the caddy earn 20-25 thousand rupees a month, but the condition of everyone else is bad. Only about 50-60 caddies travel regularly with top golfers and some get their salaries but others work on a daily basis.

Imran Mohammad Ansari, a resident of Mumbai, said he was worried about the future. He said, ‘Golf courses are closed. Our club is currently offering lentils, rice, onions, potatoes but that is not enough. ‘

He said, ‘We earn 500-600 rupees a day for a full day working with a golfer, but now there is no work.’ Is giving money Noida Golf Club has given him 2000 rupees while Patna Golf Club is giving 1000 rupees in addition to food items.

The Caddies Welfare Trust of Delhi Golf Club has written a letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs seeking to look into opening of golf courses in the country. The DGC has decided to give five thousand rupees to the caddies and every member is depositing 500 rupees in a fund, then they will be given after the closure.

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