Dhoni’s power was fully visible in training, Balaji wants to see in World Cup team

By | April 16, 2020
Dhoni's power was fully visible in training, Balaji wants to see in World Cup team


Dhoni's power was fully visible in training, Balaji wants to see in World Cup team


The postponement of the 13th season of the Indian Premier League has increased the wait for a clearer picture of Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s career. It is believed that if the former captain performs well for the Chennai Super Kings (CSK), then he could join Team India for the T20 World Cup to be held in Australia in October-November this year. But due to corona virus epidemic, this entire process has come to a standstill.

Dhoni has not played any competitive cricket since the 50-over World Cup semi-final against New Zealand in July last year.

However, Chennai Super Kings bowling coach Laxmipathy Balaji, who saw Dhoni training at the Chepauk Stadium in the first two weeks of March, believes Dhoni’s bat has not blunted.

He said on Wednesday, ‘We should not talk about Dhoni’s six-month break. This is not a big deal. If you look at Tiger Woods or Roger Federer, they also miss big tournaments and come back. The break does not mean that his performance is blunt. The skill level does not change. It is the same with Dhoni. When there is a chance to show the performance, there will be no need to think about your skill level. He may not be at the level at which he was 25–26 years old, but he is in the right state on the mental level of the game. As much as I saw him during the training of Chennai Super Kings, he did not seem to have finished at all. Even on the first day of training, he was full of enthusiasm.

As a player and coach Balaji has seen how important Dhoni can play in Planning XI. Although KL Rahul has strengthened his claim in the limited overs format, Dhoni must include the Bharti team for the T20 World in the eyes of Balaji.

The 38-year-old Balaji said, “It completely depends on the selectors but if you ask me, I will definitely take Dhoni to any big tournament.” Not only the skill of finishing the match, Dhoni has many other advantages as well. He adds many dimensions to this team game, when it comes to winning big tournaments, it is not possible to talk to the caretakers but it can get worse. So for every place you have to have the best player. ‘

The IPL will not be played this summer. It is believed that it can be organized in September-October. Balaji says that it will not be a difficult task to adjust to it because IPL is always played in the summer of March, April and May.

He said, ‘We are accustomed to playing IPL in the hot summer after the end of the domestic season. However the Champions League T20 was played only in September and October before being completely canceled. So if the IPL happens at that time this year, then we are familiar with this environment. There was no major change in the pitches as I noted.

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