ICC is thinking of changing the World Test Championship, yet India will remain on top

By | April 26, 2020
ICC is thinking of changing the World Test Championship, yet India will remain on top
ICC is thinking of changing the World Test Championship, yet India will remain on top

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The International Cricket Council (ICC) is considering moving it four months ahead and making changes to its schedule to complete the World Test Championship (WTC) match in limbo due to the Kovid-19 pandemic. But this will not affect India and it can retain its strong position even further.

India has played the most four series at the WTC so far, winning three of them. With this, he has 360 points and is on top. Australia is in second place with 296 points in three series, while New Zealand (180 in three series) is third, England (146 in 2 series) is fourth and Pakistan (140 in two series) is in fifth place.

They are followed by Sri Lanka (80 in two series) and South Africa (24 in two series). The West Indies and Bangladesh have played one series each under the WTC and are yet to open an account. According to the ICC, under the WTC, a country has to play six series (three indigenous, three overseas). India has played two series abroad and two home countries. All these series were of two or three Test matches, in which the Indian team got full points after winning.

A maximum of 120 points can be scored in a series in the World Test Championship. In this way, winning a match in a two-Test series gives 60 points and winning a match in a three-match series gives 40 points. Similarly, the number of points reduced to 30 and 24 on winning a match in the series of four and five matches.

When the match is tied, the two teams are split half-way points, while in the series of two to 5 matches on draws, 20, 13, 10 and 8 points respectively. India played their first series against the West Indies under the WTC and won 120 by winning both matches.

Virat Kohli’s team then scored 120 points after beating South Africa in all three matches on their land and then Bangladesh won both the matches of the series when they came to India. In this way, India had 360 points from seven wins. The Indian team toured New Zealand earlier this year but lost both Test matches there. This kept him stuck at 360 points.

Kohli’s team is yet to play two more series under the WTC. He is scheduled to play four Tests in Australia tour later this year. If India maintains its record for 2018-19 then it can increase its points. India had won the series 2–1 in their previous tour of Australia.

The Indian team will host England for five Test matches in January next year. It will also be the last series under his WTC. It has not been easy for England to play on Indian soil. Earlier, his team had visited India in late 2016 when the Indian team defeated them 4–0 in the five-match series.

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