It would be silly for players to think of doping at the time of lockdown: Wada

By | May 3, 2020
It would be silly for players to think of doping at the time of lockdown: Wada
It would be silly for players to think of doping at the time of lockdown: Wada

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The World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) warns that when many countries of the world are forced to lockdown due to Coronavirus, if a player sees this time as a chance of doping then it would be foolish to do so. .

The Covid-19 epidemic that began in Wuhan city of China has infected more than 32 thousand people worldwide, while more than two lakh 25 thousand people have died. In India too, more than 37 thousand confirmed cases of this deadly disease have been reported, while more than 1200 people have died.

The epidemic has stalled almost all international sports competitions worldwide. Most professional sports leagues have been postponed or canceled. Kovid-19 has significantly reduced dope tests in some parts of the world, while some have been suspended in some places, but Wada’s senior manager of media relations and communications, James FitzGerald, warned players to take the prohibited substance. Don’t see it as a chance.

FitzGerald said in an interview to ‘Wada’s first priority is the safety of the people. Obviously, sports cannot be placed at the forefront when people’s lives are at stake. Inevitably, test programs at some places around the world will be significantly reduced and even temporarily suspended. ‘

He said, ‘Although unscrupulous players or groups see this as an opportunity to cheat, it would be very silly to do so. The players are still under test and they will have to provide information about the place of stay in the normal way so that they will be available to give samples outside the competition.

When asked about the possibility of an increase in the number of doping players escaping from the eyes of officials at the time of lockdown, FitzGerald said that players are not going to get much benefit from the powerful drugs at this time.

He said, ‘Generally banned substances work together with the right kind of intensive training. Many athletes cannot use proper training facilities at this time and therefore taking those substances will not help them much. ‘ FitzGerald, however, said that anti-doping organizations (ADOs) and players realize their responsibilities, and in the wake of the Corona virus epidemic, WADA is ensuring that anti-doping testing remains important in the world.

He said, ‘Wada is a global anti-doping regulator, not a testing authority. Anti-doping organizations (ADOs) and players know their responsibilities. We recently sent update guidelines to the ADO and players to let them know what is going on at the moment. These guidelines are also available on our website.

Earlier, FitzGerald, who was also the head of media affairs at the International Cricket Council (ICC) and World Rugby, said, “In the meantime, WADA is monitoring that anti-doping tests remain important around the world amid the outbreak of the epidemic.” This is a constantly changing situation and the Wada is keeping pace with the changes taking place in it. The most important is to ensure that as soon as possible after this epidemic, the whole system is reinforced as before and once again the potential weak points associated with the system are strengthened. ‘

Fitzgerald said that the global anti-doping system is not just about testing the player but it is his biological passport that is extremely useful for analyzing his long-term profile. He said, “The global anti-doping system is not just about testing the player. For example, the player biological passport is a useful tool to assess the long-term profile of each player. Many specimens remain stored for a long time. We continue to receive intelligence through our whistleblower program that can trigger target testing or investigation. So we have the tools that we can use to maintain the importance of the system. ‘

FitzGerald said that most of the staff of WADA are also working from home and they are following the advice of health officials. “As far as our employees are concerned, like many places, everyone is currently working from home and we are following the latest advice of health officials,” he said.

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