Once Rohit Sharma’s Brett Lee was blown away, now this bowler does not want to face

By | May 3, 2020
Once Rohit Sharma's Brett Lee was blown away, now this bowler does not want to face
Once Rohit Sharma's Brett Lee was blown away, now this bowler does not want to face
Rohit Sharma

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The idea of ​​facing Brett Lee’s stormy bowling at one time made Rohit Sharma sleepy, but among the current bowlers, Josh Hazlewood is the fast bowler whose Indian opener in Test matches. I do not want to face. Rohit said that India will have to be mentally prepared to face Hazelwood when India visits Australia at the end of this year after getting relief from the COVID-19 epidemic.

Brett Lee blew sleep

Rohit was asked which fast bowler he found the most difficult to face so far, he said, ‘That bowler is Brett Lee because in my first tour of Australia in 2007, I had not been able to sleep because I was thinking that How to face this bowler who bowled at a speed of more than 150 km. ”He said in a chat,“ Brett Lee was at his peak in 2007. I kept a close eye on him and I found him bowling continuously at a speed of 150-155 km. The idea of ​​facing such a stormy bowling caused a young player like me to fall asleep. ‘

Therefore do not want to face Hazelwood

Rohit made his debut in 2007 and has played many memorable innings thereafter. He made his special mark in limited overs cricket. He has so far scored 29 ODIs and six centuries in Tests. He has three centuries in his name in T20 internationals. He said, “The bowler that I don’t want to face in Test matches at the present time is Josh Hazlewood, because he is a very disciplined bowler and does not suffer from his length. They don’t give you loose balls. ‘

Dale Steyn too dangerous

Rohit also said that South African fast bowler Dale Steyn also troubled him a lot as he was adept at swinging the ball at a good pace. He said, ‘I have two of my favorite bowlers who have retired. One is Brett Lee and the other is Dale Steyn. I never wanted to face Stan, because facing the ball fast and swinging simultaneously was like a nightmare. ‘

Rohit said that Hazlewood is the best among the current fast bowlers. He said, “I have seen enough of his bowling to understand him. I know that if I go to Australia to play a Test match this year, I have to be mentally prepared to stay disciplined in the face of excitement. ‘

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