Roger Federer gave the challenge of solo training to Virat Kohli


Roger Federer gave the challenge of solo training to Virat Kohli

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The whole world is sitting in the house fighting the war against the corona virus (Kovid-19) which has become epidemic these days. The world’s great tennis player Roger Federer is also one of them. Federer, who is spending time in isolation, is also very active on social media these days. Federer has shared a funny video of one of his solo (solo) training on his Twitter account. Federer has given the challenge of similar solo training to many legendary celebrities, of which Team India captain Virat Kohli is also one.

Now, according to Federer’s challenge, Virat Kohli also has to send a video of one of his solo drills to Federer on Twitter. After this, Federer will give some important tips in it.

Tweeting the video of his training, the Swiss veteran wrote, ‘Here is a useful solo drill. Come see what you have! Answer with video then I will give some tips. Choose your hat (work) wisely. ‘

In this video, Federer is seen practicing on a wall with his tennis racket and ball. Federer is seen consistently hitting the ball on the wall in this 49-second video. In this video, the ball has not fallen on the ground even once.

After this, he has given a similar challenge to Virat Kohli by tweeting him and tagging many famous personalities of the world. Federer has also donated one million Swiss francis to his country against the Corona virus war.

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