Shoaib Akhtar It was my duty to spend in the country in which I earned

By | April 9, 2020
It was my duty to spend in the country in which I earned: Shoaib Akhtar


It was my duty to spend in the country in which I earned: Shoaib Akhtar

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The corona virus (Covid-19) has stopped the whole world. The whole world is in trouble. Meanwhile, former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has asked India and Pakistan to come together and help each other. Akhtar said on his YouTube channel that he spent 30% of the money he earned during the show in India only to help people.

Akhtar called the criticism of Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj Singh appealing for help for the Shahid Afridi Foundation wrong and said that it should not happen. Akhtar, the world’s fastest bowler, said that it is time to show humanity and this time everyone should come forward and help each other.

Akhtar said that when he talked about doing this in India, which was denied to him by the channel but Akhtar said that since he earns from India, it is right for the country to spend and help here.

He said that he also anchored in many areas of Mumbai. He tried to anchor in the Hindu majority population. He said that he could not think that the country from which to earn money should not spend in it and the people there.

Akhtar said, “If India gives us 10,000 ventilators, Pakistan will always remember it.” He also advocated for a one-day series between India and Pakistan. He said that the proceeds from this can be used in the war against the corona virus.

The fastest bowler in the world, known as Rawalpindi Express, said that we can only offer matches. The rest of the officers have to decide.

Since the terrorist attack on Mumbai in 2008, these two countries have not played a full series against each other. However he has been playing in the Asia Cup and ICC Tournament.

Shoaib said that in this difficult time both teams can play one-day or T20 series of three matches. He said that whatever results come out of this series will benefit the common people. He said, “We will be happy if Virat Kohli scores a century.” You will be happy if Babar Azam scores a century. Whatever the outcome of the match, both teams will win. ‘

He said, “This match will get a lot of viewers. For the first time both countries will play for each other. Whatever money is received from this, it should be divided equally between the two countries for the fight against Corona. ‘

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