This is Nasir Hussain’s plan to save Test cricket

By | April 14, 2020
This is Nasir Hussain's plan to save Test cricket

This is Nasir Hussain's plan to save Test cricket

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Former England captain Nasir Hussain has said that Test cricket can be saved only when the bowlers have more advantage than the batsmen. Also, score the first innings around 300 runs.

Hussain believes that the pitch should help bowlers more in the first innings, believing that it will help change the nature of Test cricket.

In an interaction with the official broadcaster, Nasir Hussain said, “One important thing that I would like to note is that if the pitches are as flat as they were a few years ago at Crambridge, on which James Anderson scored 90, playing around 600 balls.” On such pitches, the game seems boring and outdated.

He said, ‘Such days should go through Test cricket. Actually for the thrill in the game, you have to score more than 300 runs in the first innings, the ball is a little more dominating on the pitch. It is also exciting for the audience. It makes the spectators get the full money for their tickets and Test matches in England are not cheap anyway.

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